Transform Energy International

It Takes a Village to End Climate Change

Nature takes 300 million years to produce coal. Transform Energy’s volunteer team of Ball Aerospace scientists and engineers are able to convert invasive and waste biomass into “green coal” in one hour. We will produce it in radically affordable kilns in 100,000 villages, shortening distances for collecting biomass and distributing fuel to customers. This economical, environment-friendly fuel mimics nature’s balanced carbon cycle. This clean replacement for coal, when burned efficiently, creates minimal climate impact and will fill gaps left by solar and wind.

Check out this video of Paul Polak explaining the revolutionary process!

Climate change has fast become the planet’s greatest challenge, caused primarily by burning fossil fuels that took 300 million years to create. Burning them releases carbon dioxide from that era into our atmosphere. Transform Energy is working to turn current bio-waste into “green coal” – torrefied biomass produced in radically-dispersed, and affordable kilns. This creates a virtuous cycle where plants pull carbon dioxide from the air to grow and burning torrefied biomass releases carbon dioxide from this era.

Transform Energy’s multi-faceted purpose is to replace fossil fuels with scalable clean energy substitutes, fulfill the energy needs of vast, underserved populations, and raise 100 million people out of poverty.


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